Entremeses - Appetizers

Queso Fundido
vegetarian option

Melted Chihuahua cheese with or without chorizo and poblano peppers.  Served with four flour tortillas.


Ceviche de Pescado y Camaron

Fish and shrimp cooked with the juice of a freshly squeezed lime and heated with tomato, onion, cilantro and chile serrano.



A dish that pays tribute to my old school of Carlos'n Charlie's Mexico.  Ostion Diabla - oysters with bacon, ham, onion, garlic, tomato salsa and red wine.  Ostion Madrazo - oysters with spinach, onion, cream, cheese and chile chipotle.  Ostion Cardenas - oysters served with garlic butter, parsley and brandy.


Flautas de Pollo

Flauta/flute.  This light and delicious appetizer consists of two very light corn tortillas filled with chicken and covered with tomatillo sauce.



It literally means battered.  Empanadas del dia.  Today's empanadas.  Without a doubt the region of the Gulf of Mexico offers us literally thousands of dishes with a variety that will seduce even the most demanding palate.  If is a region that was influenced by the magical journeys of the Spaniards, Dutch, Britain and French in addition to the contributions of the gigantic and docile Africa.  A dignified and simple representative of this region is the empanada.  Tortillas de maiz.  Handmade corn tortillas, filled with the freshest ingredients selected each day by our chef.


 Sopas/Ensaladas - Soups/Salads

Sopa de Tortilla

Probably the most popular Mexican soup.  A perfect combination of chiles, tomato, epazote and tortilla.  Served with or without chicken.


Crema Conde

A classic cream of black beans served with bacon, queso fresco, onion and croutons.


Ensalada Cesar

Hard to believe but in the late 1920's Cesar salad was created by two Italian brothers (Alex and Cesar Cardini) in their Tijuana restaurant.  A dish like many other dishes that originated in a country with which it is not associated. Romaine tossed with anchovies, eggs and grated cheese.


 Mexican Lunch Traditionals

Omelete De Chorizo
vegetarian option

Three egg omelette filled with potatoes and chorizo (mexican sausage)


Huevos Rancheros
vegetarian option

Two sunny side up eggs over a corn tortilla with a ranchera sause made of tomatoes, onions and serrano peppers, served with beans and rice


Enchiladas Rojas
vegetarian option

Two enchiladas stuffed with chicken or cheese (your choice), covered with our traditional red sauce.  This national pride is garnished with beans and rice and covered with chihuahua cheese.


Enchiladas Con Mole Poblano
vegetarian option

Two chicken or cheese enchiladas with our famous mole sauce


 Pescados y Mariscos - Seafood

Camarones Rellenos

From the Pacific coast.  Restaurants in the states of Nayarit, Colima, Sinaloa and Sonoro offer this dish.  Shrimp stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and wrapped with bacon.  Served on a bed of greens, Mexican rice and vegetables.


Pescado al Mango

A rare mixture of the fresh fish of the day, lightly breaded, grilled, stuffed with guacamole, seductively paired with a mango and ginger sauce.


Salsa Tequila's

We could not do without the dish where our best known spirit becomes playful.  In this place, where the favorite son of the Mexican soil, tequila, is venerated, fused with chile de arbol, a little butter, his majesty the garlic and the peaceful lime juice.  You may select either
a fresh grouper fillet ..... $19.95
or the robust jumbo shrimp .....$21.75


 Pollo - Chicken

Mole Poblano

Spanish colonialism had been the imposing force for decades, yet through inter-marriage a new culture gradually emerged--the Mestizo.  In the city of Puebla, several convents were active in creating much of the traditional Mexican cooking, as we know it today.  One such convent was expecting a visit by a distinguished archbishop.  A nun decided to serve a sauce known by the Nahuatl Indians as "mulli".  However "mulli" is a potpourri of hot chiles.  Knowing the holy man was not accustomed to spicy dishes, she set to the task of adding ingredients that would counteract the chiles:  chile ancho, dorado bread, tomato, cloves, bitter chocolate, chile poblano, peanuts, sugar, almonds, chile guajillo, fried tortillas, chile chalaca, carrots and garlic.  This very combination makes a mole poblano a truly rich and complex sauce.  A succulent boiled chicken breast exalted from the past.  Served with rice and refried beans.


Sabana Invierno de Pollo

A chicken breast pounded and covered with refried beans and melted chihuahua cheese.  Surrounded with an exquisite tomatillo sauce and vegetables.


Pollo Maya

Chicken in our Yucateca sauce which includes achiote, orange and onion.  Served with refried beans and Mexican rice.


Molcajete De Pollo

Chicken breast served in a lava rock bowl, which is first heated in the oven.  Covered with a spicy salsa made from tomato, garlic and chile de arbol and accompanied by corn tortillas to make your own tacos.  Served with guacamole, beans and rice.


 Carnes - Meats

Carne Asada a la Tampiquena

Our chef selects a thin slice from lean steak.  This in turn is seasoned and grilled.  Includes a tamal, guacamole, rice, refried beans and chicken taquito.



Your Beef tenderloin served in a lava rock bowl, which is first heated in the oven.  Covered with a spicy salsa made from tomato, garlic and chile de arbol and accompanied by corn tortillas to make your own tacos.  Served with guacamole, beans and rice.


Filete Grito

"Grito" means shout.  This dish brings out a cry of joy when tasted, confirming the high degree of culinary creativity that exists in Mexico.  The cactus leaf is a bed with the tropical tamarindo sauce inviting the chile chipotle to participate as a witness in the lynching of the fabulous filet mignon, along with the chiles serranos.  Rice, guacamole and refried beans as garnish.


Chile Relleno
vegetarian option

Cheese or picadillo prepared with onions, garlic, laurel and original spices stuffed inside a poblano pepper which is egg batter fried.  Presented in our traditional red sauce topped with fresh cream.