Tequilas Restaurant established 1986, at 1511 Locust Street by owners David and Annette Suro.

David Suro, a native of Guadalajara, grew up near agave fields in the state of Jalisco. He went to school with the children of agave farmers and tequila producers. He met his wife Annette in Cancun and moved with her back to Philadelphia and worked at El Metate, the only Mexican restaurant in town. Within a year they bought out the owner and renamed it Tequilas.

"Philadelphia did not have the concepts we see today, only the Tex-Mex. There was not much knowledge of Mexican food. But I was fortunate. What we proposed to them no one else was offering. Back then we developed the customer. We learned from each other." - David Suro-Pinera.

Today Tequilas Restaurant serves up a high end and always evolving authentic Mexican cuisine in our beautiful space located at 1602 Locust Street in beautiful Rittenhouse Square.